Councillor Jack Lenox, seeks to tackle issues with new electric bike shop

2 February 2024

E-Radicals: Jack Lenox hopes to help tackle traffic problems in Lancaster District with new electric bike shop

Cllr Jack Lenox, the Green parliamentary candidate for Lancaster and Wyre, has set up a new electric bike shop in Lancaster. Jack hopes it’ll help tackle the district’s air pollution and traffic issues. Jack was inspired to create the shop after buying an electric cargo bike during the pandemic lockdowns when he ran a small delivery operation with it.

He said: “I couldn’t believe how quickly I could move a substantial amount of goods around the city on the bike – much quicker than with a van or car. Lots of people expressed an interest in getting their own cargo bike, but unfortunately there wasn’t a shop anywhere near Lancaster that I could direct them to. I ran into problems with maintaining the bike and Lancaster’s existing bike shops weren’t able to provide the support an electric cargo bike delivery business needs.”

Electric bikes, and especially electric cargo bikes, are becoming more and more popular around the country. As well as moving cargo, there are bikes that can carry up to four children, allowing riders to beat the traffic on the school run.

However, Jack continued: “The north west is broadly not well-served by shops that sell and service these sorts of bikes, and I think this is partly why there are still relatively few in Lancaster and other nearby towns and cities. A crucial thing I offer through my shop is test rides. These bikes are an investment, and you need to have confidence they’ll fit your lifestyle and daily routine. I hope therefore my shop can help bring positive change. Electric bikes are an important part of tackling both the climate emergency, and traffic congestion in our towns and cities.”


E-Radicals can be found at 15 King Street and is open from 10am-5pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and you can find the shop online at:

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