Green Party calls for change which will lead Britain to Build Back Better.

17 August 2020

If 2,500 people give £20 each we GREENS can lay the groundwork for change which will lead Britain to Build Back Better, with a Just Recovery that uplifts everyone, especially those marginalised by our systems.

Caroline Lucas explains plans for a Green Recovery

25 June 2020

Eight in ten people support a Green recovery, and 93% think Government and employers should encourage lifestyle changes to cut emissions as lockdown comes to an end.

Jonathan Bartley calls for a Green Recovery

11 June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how trapped we are in the chaos of overlapping crises.We need an all encompassing fully integrated answer. We need a solution that radically brings emissions down, while creating secure jobs, quality housing and delivering justice to those who have been abused by racist, oppressive and destructive systems.

North West Green MEP launches sustainable transport report

25 January 2020

Today, as her final UK event as a MEP, Gina Dowding - Green MEP for the North West, along with transport experts, have launched a report in Lancaster, to discover what sustainable transport systems could look like in different communities across the North West, where the power lies for making decisions about roads, buses, trains and cycle ways within the region, and how transport fits into the wider Green New Deal.

A Green New Deal for the North West

27 November 2019

Gina Dowding, Green MEP for the North West, has published "The Green New Deal in the North West". It describes how we can tackle the climate emergency and leave no one behind.

Green Party Publishes its Election Manifesto

19 November 2019

If not now? When?

General Election 2019

07 November 2019

This is the Climate Election, not the Brexit election.

Calling all youth climate activists in North West England!

09 August 2019

Gina Dowding MEP is organising a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels for young climate activists from the North West of England.

Gina Dowding, Green MEP, says thank you.

28 June 2019

Gina Dowding, newly elected Green Party MEP for North West England, says thank you.

Greens more than double number of MEPs in spectacular European election result

27 May 2019

The Green Party last night celebrated a spectacular election result that has seen its number of members of the European parliament in England more than double, rising from three to seven.


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Gina Dowding

Gina Dowding was the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England. She achieved much for the North West in the short time between July 2019 and February 2020. Gina is now chair of the North West Green party. Three of Gina's reports are listed below.

Click here to view what a Green New Deal for the North West would mean.

Click here to view how a sustainable transport system can help put the Green New Deal into action.

Click here to view what's on the horizon for UK Science, Research & Innovation.


Click here to visit Gina's website for more news about her important work.