North West Green Party contacts

If you know the name or role of the person you wish to contact and their contact details are shown, please use the details that appear below.  For all other contacts, please use, stating the nature of your enquiry. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


Chair / Co-ordinator

Brian Candeland
Telephone: 07814 786826


Media Contact

John Knight email


Field Organisers

Pål Woodruff email
Clare Hales email


North-West Committee Officers

Brian Candeland
Telephone: 07814 786826

Walter Houston
Telephone: 01625 610691

David Jones
Telephone: 07546 466916


Internal Communications:    
Lyndsay McAteer

Equality & Diversity Officers:
David O'Keefe
Melanie Horrocks


Local Party Support Co-ordinator:
Owain Sutton


Other North-West Post Holders

Returning Officer:    
Dick Venes

Fundraising Co-ordinator:    
Steff Davies

Wellbeing Champion:    
Bernard Ekbery

National Complaints & Disciplinary Body Representative:    
John Coyne

Young Greens Co-ordinators email:    
Charlie Keller email


Website Manager: 
Richard Barraclough


Local Councillors

For a list of (Primary Authority) councillors in the North-West, please click here


Local Party Contacts

For a list of contact people for each of the 29 Local Green Parties in the North-West, please click here


North-West representatives on the Green Party's Regional Council

Sam Riches  07410 411841
Jackie Tait  07848 914590


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