Stockport Green Party announces its General Election candidates

1 February 2024

Stockport Green Party has announced its candidates for the 2024 General Election.

Three candidates will be standing for MP in their local constituencies: Helena Mellish in Stockport, Alex Drury in Cheadle and Graham Reid in Hazel Grove.

Contesting a seat held by Labour for more than thirty years, Stockport candidate Helena Mellish said: “I can’t blame people for not engaging with politics when nothing ever seems to get better, but a General Election is our chance for change! We have an opportunity to promote progressive politics that pacify modern-day concerns whilst pushing for a brighter, greener future. I want to make the most of that opportunity; promoting positivity in a country that’s become increasingly polarised.

Alex Drury, running in the Cheadle constituency had this to say: “I’m standing first and foremost so that people who want to vote green can vote green. I think a vote for the Green Party is an expression of much more than just choosing a political party, but actually about a voter’s focus on the climate and the environment. If I were elected I would make a focus of being a really good constituency MP. Someone who is visible, someone who actually is an MP for Cheadle.

Standing as a candidate gives me the opportunity to bring some of the Green Party's best policies into the spotlight and get other candidates thinking about them. Things like proportional representation, universal basic income and restoring nature.”

Graham Reid stood in Hazel Grove in 2015, and will do so again in 2024, stating: “I'm keen to express the green philosophy, why we think the way we think. You could say that’s philosophy rather than policy which in a way is what the Green Party is all about.

The biggest problem facing the world is climate change which is my main focus, but locally we need more social housing, and for the government to give more money to local councils after starving them for 13 years.”

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