Celebrating 21 Greens elected to Lancaster City Council

22 May 2023

North Lancashire Green Party are celebrating their successful results in Mays local elections. The Green Party now have 21 Councillors out of 61 on Lancaster City Council. This is a net gain of 11 seats compared with the last all-out elections to Lancaster City Council in 2019. This makes the Lancaster Green group of councillors the third largest in England and Wales!

The Green Leader of the Council, Caroline Jackson said: “We’re delighted! These great results show that people here in the Lancaster district have put their trust in the Green Party – they know we do politics differently and put local people and our environment first. “Congratulations to our successful candidates – they will give their all to address the issues that matter most to their residents. “We pledged to continue our urgent action on the climate and energy crisis, to support our local communities and vulnerable people, and to deliver warm and affordable homes in the right places. We hope we’ll be able to continue this work, and to deliver on these pledges for the people of the Lancaster district.”

“Thank you to every voter and campaigner who helped get Greens elected here. Our councillors will work as hard as we can for a fairer, greener community in Lancaster.”

new Lancaster councillors 2023


The new councillors are Suhir Abuhajar (John O’Gaunt), Tom Fish (University), Sarah McGowan (Halton-with-Aughton and Kellet), Shelagh McGregor (Castle), Hamish Mills(Bowerham), Sarah Punshon (Bowerham), Sam Riches (Bulk), Grace Russell (John O’Gaunt), James Sommerville (Halton-with-Aughton and Kellet), Paul Tynan (Ellel) and Nick Wilkinson (Marsh).

The Green councillors who held their seat are Mandy Bannon (Marsh), Dave Brookes (Castle), Gina Dowding (Marsh), Tim Hamilton-Cox (Scotforth West), Caroline Jackson (Bulk), Jack Lenox (Bulk), Sally Maddocks (Ellel), Abi Mills (Scotforth West), Paul Stubbins (Castle) and Sue Tyldesley (Warton). (Picture shows 13 out of 21 of our Councillors cheering at the end of a long day at the Count - some had left before the photo was taken.)


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