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8 May 2023

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We’re knocking down red walls and blue walls, and building green hedges across the country!

The Green party made record gains in the local elections.

On Friday we saw our councillor numbers rise to 737, 13 regions had breakthroughs, including the North West, and we're now the largest party in 9 councils across the country!

That includes Mid Suffolk where not only are we the largest party, we're the first Green majority led council - not just in England, but anywhere outside of Australia.

That’s because we’re the only party which puts people and the planet at the heart of our politics.

Did you know you don’t have to become a member to help us build fairer greener communities?

Become a Friend of the Green Party today.  

Become a Green Friend

Green Friends are a key part of our movement, giving a monthly contribution to support our work on climate action, getting exclusive access to events and discounts, and opportunities to meet with Green leaders and activists.

But they are not party members and can continue to be politically unaffiliated or remain as members of other parties. Whatever you are, be Green too 

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