Greens Double Councillor Numbers!

4 May 2019

This year’s local elections were remarkably successful for the Green Party in the North West as well as everywhere else in the country.  Regionally the Greens retained all 8 seats they were defending and gained a further 17 to double their councillor numbers to 34.  There are now Green councillors on 13 local authorities in the region.    This is far more than at any time in the Party’s history. 

Highlights include:

-          The first Green principal authority councillors elected in Cumbria – four of them in total (two in Eden, one in Carlisle, one in South Lakeland).

-          No less than 6 gains in the Merseyside boroughs – 2 in Wirral, 2 in St Helens (the first on the council there) and 2 in Knowsley. 

-          An increase in Lancaster City Green councillors from 7 to 10. 

-          The first Green Councillor elected in Cheshire (Helsby in Cheshire West). 

-          Further gains in Burnley and Trafford and the first ever Green councillor in Tameside. 

There were several near misses elsewhere, which bodes well for future rounds of local elections; the councillor numbers can be seen here: 

These elections form an excellent springboard for the forthcoming European elections, due to be held in less than 3 weeks time.  If the vote share achieved in the wards where Greens stood is maintained, the Party is on track to gain its first MEP in the region.   

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Euro Election Candidates

The Green Party candidates for the North West region in the Euro Elections of 23 May were:

Gina Dowding. Lancashire County Councillor. Elected.
Wendy Olsen. Salford.
Jessica Northey. St Helens.
Geraldine Coggins. Trafford Borough Councillor.
Rosie Mills. Lancaster.
Astrid Johnson. Manchester.
Dan Jerrome. Trafford Borough Councillor.
James Booth. Macclesfield.

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