Ruth Bergan

Ruth BerganRuth Bergan was born in Leeds. She went to Manchester University to study for her MA in International Development Studies. She then decided to make Manchester her home. Ruth has worked and volunteered for various campaigning organisations. She has worked on issues of social justice and human rights, in the UK and overseas. 

Ruth is an active member of the Manchester Green Party. They campaign on a number of important local issues. One priority is campaigning for sustainable transport. They want:

  • better public transport
  • no further expansion of Manchester airport
  • Woodhead tunnel to reopen for rail.

Green Party offers real change

Ruth joined the Green Party in 2007. She believes that they are the only party prepared to take action to tackle climate change and poverty.

Ruth is active in her local Green Party. She supports local campaigns for a more sustainable future for the North West. She stood as a candidate for Tameside council.

The North West Green Party has supported many local campaigns, including:

  • supporting local business
  • preventing the expansion of Manchester airport
  • opposing the building of a bypass through an area of outstanding natural beauty

Greens Work Hard in the North West

The Green Party has 15 principal authority councillors in the North West. In 2008 they got over 40% of the vote for the Manchester council ward of Hulme. They lost the seat by only fifty votes.

In Manchester, Greens have stood in every ward in the City for the last three years. They have got over 8% of the vote across the city each time - their best results ever.

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