Peter Cranie

Peter CraniePeter Cranie is an anti-racism activist, who has been involved with the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism. He re-established Liverpool Green Party in 2002 and since then the local party has won two council seats. He is a former Elections Co-ordinator for the national Green Party.

Married, and a new father, Peter has a wide range of experience:

  • in the private sector, working in retail banks in the 1990s
  • in the public sector, as a social care worker and FE lecturer
  • in the charity sector, where he currently works for a Parenting Support charity

Peter is an economic migrant to England. His family moved from Scotland in the early 1980s as manufacturing jobs and employment collapsed under the early years of the Thatcher government. He has lived in England for over 25 years and in the North West for over a decade.

Local Vote Green 

The Greens are the only party in Britain to score 100% on our Euro MP expenses in Europe. That means no other parties are giving you a full and honest account about how they are using their expenses or employing their staff.

 Only the Greens can be trusted to give you the whole truth.

The Green Euro MPs work far harder than the other parties. Jean Lambert MEP was named Peace and Human Rights MEP of the year in 2005. Caroline Lucas MEP was named Ethical Politician of the year 2007. She also was awarded MEP of the year for Trade in 2008.

The Greens work hardest for you in Europe.

The other parties receive tax payer money from Parliament. They all have big debts and therefore have to rely on big donations from wealthy businessmen. Only the Greens are funded by ethical donations from people like you, who want to support real policies that make a difference to our future.

The Greens will stand up for you

This election is about who else you want to put into the European Parliament. The Greens have received support from other parties and former Labour and Lib Dem councillors who are backing us to stop the BNP by finishing ahead of them to win the last seat.

Voting Green will keep the BNP out of power

More North West Greens Elected

Membership of the Greens is growing fast, up by over a half in the last five years, and we want you to get involved in helping us to change things for the better.

Greens have:

  • Fought for better public transport and better disability access
  • Campaigned for warmer homes and lower fuel bills
  • Argued for more investment in bus and rail with lower fares
  • Put forward a "Green New Deal" to create more jobs in our economy

Our local councillors are right at the heart of their local communities. They work with people every day to deal with everyday problems, whether that is bin collections, safer streets or protecting green spaces.

Our party is also committed to tackle the much bigger issue of Climate Change. We want councils to understand the amount of CO2 emissions they are responsible for, and to adopt progressive and money saving policies. For example the Green initiative in Huddersfield. In just one town, Green councillors have put together a scheme that has:

  • insulated over 11,000 homes
  • saved each household £150 annually
  • created over 100 jobs

This is the "Green New Deal" in action.