Margaret Westbrook

Margaret WestbrookMargaret Westbrook is married with three adult children and recently retired. She has been a local community activist for over 30 years and is particularly interested in equality and social justice. She spent many years working on social policy, aiming to change things for the better.

Margaret is a volunteer Director of Trafford Women's Aid. She helped set up Friends of Longford Park and works to make the park a welcoming place for all. Margaret believes that we need political change. The Green Party will make a real difference.

Think Global Act Local

Everybody talks about climate change. The Green Party acts on Climate change. We have a track record of making local changes with real global impact.

  • Margaret helped to set up Trafford Green Party.
  • She champions the needs of the local community by challenging inappropriate development.
  • She campaigns for 20mph speed limits and people-friendly home zones.
  • She pushes the council for more walking routes and better cycling facilities.
  • She supports investment in public transport.
  • Margaret talks to local people and listens to what they tell her.

Listening and Acting 

Margaret has encouraged Trafford Council to think again about climate change. Her local party's ten-point Climate Change Challenge calls for massive investment in home insulation. It demands a huge increase in recycling rates and local composting. It promotes the use of green energy. It led the council to draw up a local food strategy.

Margaret raised the profile of match-day parking problems in Old Trafford. She organises litter-picks and community events. She cares about the issues that affect local people.

Margaret Westbrook

Margaret talks with a local resident about signing Trafford Green Party's climate change challenge to the council

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