Justine Hall

Justine HallJustine Hall moved to Manchester in 2002 to go to University, and then decided to stay in the area. She is now a second year PhD student at the University of Manchester. Her research is looking at the distribution of trees in urban areas. 

Environmental campaigning

Justine is very involved in campaigns locally and at University. She runs the Young Greens group at the University of Manchester. ‘Students can be a great part of an area. More efforts should be made to include them in the local community. Local people and students can benefit from each other'.

 Reinvigorating the Region

  • Better housing - everyone should have a warm dry home. The Green Party would give all homes free insulation so everyone could save money on their energy bills. 
  • Better street lighting - everyone should feel safe when walking home in the dark. Dark streets and alleyways make many people uncomfortable. The Green Party would install solar-powered street lighting where needed.
  • More recycling - doorstep recycling should be made easier, with more materials collected.

Justine campaigningReal Change, Green Change 

Justine has stood in a number of elections, both as a student and for the council. She enjoys meeting different sorts of people while out campaigning. She says ‘Local people should be listened to more when local decisions are made'.

Justine has been part of a number of successful campaigns both locally and nationally. These have included:

  • saving parks and open spaces
  • changing laws to protect the environment
  • defending the rights of refugees.

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