Jill Perry

Jill Perry Jill Perry, 52, is married with two grown-up children. She has been a high profile and tireless campaigner for Friends of the Earth for 18 years. She has focused mainly on energy, climate and nuclear issues.

Born, brought up and living in West Cumbria, Jill has a degree in German. She taught French and German for many years in West Cumbria. She served on the Lake District National Park Authority and is a Parish Councillor.

She gave up teaching in 2000 and became a maker of fine jams and preserves. She specialises in using local fruit and vegetables and selling through locally owned outlets.

Green Energy and Jobs

Jill joined the Green Party in 2004. She feels strongly that the Green Party is the only party with strong and coherent policies on:

  • the environment
  • poverty
  • equality

Jill is motivated by the need to make a difference on these issues at a local and national level.

She would like to see Cumbria investing its future in renewable energy technologies. It should move away from its past lead in the dirty old technologies of coal and nuclear power.

Green candidate achieves 30% of vote 

  • In 2007, as a member of the newly formed Allerdale Green Party, Jill stood in the Borough Council elections. She gained over 30% of the vote, second to the man who became leader of the Council.
  • She continues to support candidates who stand in by-elections in the area.

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