Geoff Smith

Geoff SmithGeoff Smith, 60, is founder member of Allerdale Green Party. In the 2007 elections the Green Party stood for first time in Allerdale. They gained over 20% in contested wards.

Geoff has a wide knowledge of the North West. He was born and raised in Bolton. He lived in Liverpool and for the last 19 years in Allerdale. He has worked in Manchester and Wigan and has family near Lancaster.

Geoff is a parish councillor and a member of West Cumbria Strategic Partnership. He was educated at Bolton County Grammar and read Business Studies at Thames Polytechnic. Geoff then worked for 16 years in local government, becoming a principal officer. He is now self employed.

Green Transport

Geoff joined the Green Party in 2001. He feels strongly that the Green Party is the only party with strong and coherent policies on:

  • the environment
  • poverty
  • equality
  • joined up transport

Geoff believes that tax and investment policy can make it possible to travel between city centres as fast and cheaply by train as by plane. Locally this should mean:

  • scrapping expansion to Carlisle airport
  • direct west coast mainline access to Eurostar
  • convenient access to mainline stations by bus and train

Regular GP Candidates in Allerdale

In 2007, Geoff gained 20% of the vote against candidates from three other parties.

Since then, Geoff has been the driving force behind, and agent for all Green Party candidates in the borough.

He believes that the Green Party can become successful and make a real difference locally, nationally and internationally.

Geoff Smith


Geoff Smith and Jill Perry Clearing Himalayan Balsam From the Banks of River Ellen

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