Manchester Green Party calls for £1 bus fares as it launches 2023 local election campaign

3 May 2023

Posted on 5th April 2023 (11th April 2023) by Chris Ogden

Manchester Green Party has called for £1 single fares on all local bus routes as it launched its campaign for the 2023 local elections. The Greens, currently the largest opposition group on Manchester City Council with three councillors, will be standing a full slate of candidates across Manchester in the local elections on Thursday 4 May.

The party has also published its 2023 manifesto A Fairer, Greener Manchester as it hopes to get more Greens elected to Manchester Town Hall. A total of 33 Green candidates will stand across Manchester’s 32 wards, including in Woodhouse Park, where Greens hope to win a third seat and complete their team of councillors in the ward.

Scott Robinson, Chair of Manchester Green Party, said: “We are delighted to offer Manchester residents the opportunity to vote Green by standing 33 exciting candidates right across the city. “We know how strong the appetite is for Green policies in Manchester after we became the largest opposition party in the city’s council chamber last year. “We hope that voters will embrace our vision of making Manchester a more equal, sustainable and enjoyable place to live. Let’s make a fairer, greener Manchester!” All of Manchester Green Party’s candidates are standing on the party’s manifesto, A Fairer, Greener Manchester, which has been drawn up based on policies decided democratically by local party members. Like last year, this year’s manifesto outlines five key areas that Greens elected in Manchester intend to prioritise over the course of the year ahead.

These priorities are:

1. Treat the climate crisis holistically: Ensure that Manchester City Council’s commitment to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss is a holistic policy priority.

2. Cut the cost of living: Tackle the rising cost of living by giving Manchester more affordable and energy-efficient homes, investing in the local economy, and calling for the introduction of a Universal Basic Income.

3. Transform Manchester’s transport: Give Manchester an integrated transport network which prioritises active travel such as walking and cycling, and public transport. The party will call for a £1 single fare on all local bus routes and free bus travel for all under-22s.

4. Improve health, welfare and opportunities: Ensure better public services, bigger arts and culture, and brighter prospects for life, while giving more Mancunians access to green spaces like gardens, playgrounds and parks.

5. Stand with migrants and marginalised communities: Show solidarity with Manchester’s migrant and marginalised communities, and support the resettlement of all those fleeing conflict in Manchester.

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