Caroline Lucas, Green MP, explains plans for a Green Recovery

25 June 2020

As the United Kingdom begins to emerge from the coronavirus lockdown, we have an opportunity to build a GREENER future, one which gives everyone the opportunity to thrive, especially those made vulnerable by our current systems.

Just this week, Climate Assembly UK (a citizen’s assembly) has published findings from its representative assembly of 108 people earlier this year.

They report that 8 in 10 people support a Green recovery, and 93% think Government and employers should encourage lifestyle changes to cut emissions as lockdown comes to an end.

This comes as parts of Britain are expected to reach 34 degrees tomorrow, which will be the hottest day of the year so far. And further afield, a 38 degree temperature has been recorded in the Arctic - the highest ever.

We need a #GreenRecovery , here are THREE STEPS you can take today to help make a Green #GreenRecovery a reality.

  1. Watch our Green New Deal video
  2. Sign our petition. Do you want Parliament to debate the Green New Deal Bill that Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis introduced in 2019? Members of the Green Party worked with leading NGOs to establish this parliamentary petition. The more people who demand the Green New Deal Bill is debated, the more likely we will be to ensure a true #GreenRecovery. SIGN NOW! We need 100k signatures so every signature counts!
  3. Lobby your MP (virtually). On 30 June 2020, The Climate Coalition is hosting the first ever online lobby for nature and people. Have a virtual cup of tea with your MP and tell them that #TheTimeIsNow to put a healthy, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild from the Coronavirus crisis.

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