A Green New Deal for the North West

27 November 2019

The Green New Deal is a plan to rapidly transform our broken economic system into one which can simultaneously:

  • Avert the climate and nature crises;
  • Redistribute wealth and reverse inequality;
  • Povide hundreds of thousands of future-fit jobs;
  • Put workers and communities first;
  • Raise the standard of living for all.

This can all be achieved through a radical overhaul of our financial institutions, a broad package of new policies and, most importantly, a huge mobilisation of investment – up to 5% of GDP annually for the next ten years. That’s around £100 billion in the UK, or £750 billion in the EU. There are six core principles a Green New Deal must live uup to:

  1. Recognising the emergency. Facing up to the enormous scale of the climate and nature emergency with unprecedented, rapid and radical action, starting now.
  2. Making a fair contribution. Supporting global climate justice and taking action in our own communities, rather than simply offsetting our emissions to the developing world.
  3. A just transition. Putting workers and those in need first, ensuring inclusion and diversity, creating good quality jobs for all and redistributing wealth to where it’s needed mos
  4. Public money for public goods. Ensuring that public investment in new infrastructure returns benefits that can be shared by all, from cleaner air and water to improved health and wellbeing.
  5. Localising democracy. Devolving more powers to local areas, enabling participatory decision-making and encouraging new forms of public ownership.
  6. Rethinking success. Abandoning our attachment to endless economic growth by measuring what’s more important, like security, equality and wellbeing .

Download the full Green New Deal document from here.




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Gina Dowding

Gina Dowding was the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England. She achieved much for the North West in the short time between July 2019 and February 2020. Gina is now chair of the North West Green party. Three of Gina's reports are listed below.

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