EU elections moment to define the Britain we want to be

13 April 2019

The Green Party has responded to news there will be European Union elections on May 23 unless the Prime Minister can pass her deal in Parliament.

Sian Berry AM, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said:

This is the moment to tell the establishment what kind of Britain we want to be. The Green Party is ready to fight the EU elections, mobilise one of the strongest pro-EU movements anywhere and champion a fairer, greener more democratic EU.

We will not let the Government downplay how important these elections are. This isn’t just about the European Union – it’s about the country we live in. One thing we can agree on is that our politics is broken, and has failed to fix the intolerable inequality and insecurity which caused the Brexit vote. A vote for the Greens is a vote against this chaos, a vote for change, a vote to remain and a vote for an open and confident Britain.

Green Party lead MEP candidate for the North West - and Lancashire Green Councillor - Gina Dowding said: "Here in the north-west we know all too well the need for a different kind of politics and economics that really it addresses the needs of ordinary people while looking after our natural world and green spaces."

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The Green Vision for Europe

The Green Party's vision for Europe seeks to replace the unsustainable economics of free trade and unrestricted growth with the ecological alternative of local self reliance and resource conservation, within a context of wider diversity. We want to foster co-operation on issues of common interest, not establish international institutions for their own sake. We want social justice and economic democracy to bring fairer and more resilient societies to Europe.

We recognise the value of the original goal of the founders of the European Communities, who sought to remove the threat of another war between European states. This has been distorted by vested political and economic interests into a union dominated by economic interests, which lacks democratic control, and promotes the goals of multinational corporations which are interested in profit not people, and which runs counter to the professed core values of the Union. We believe that the ecological challenges and stark inequalities the world faces present a potential new role for the EU as part of wider global co-operation.