Scrapping Electrification shows Tory contempt for rail passengers

4 July 2018

It is being reported* that government ministers are preparing to ditch plans to electrify the railway between Manchester and Leeds.

Will Patterson, Green Party candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor in 2017, said:

"Last week, many Labour & Tory MPs in Greater Manchester and across the North West tied their vote for Heathrow expansion to transport improvements in the region. Having banked their vote, Chris Grayling is showing his routine contempt for rail passengers and the wider community here in the North.

"We were promised a Powerhouse, but instead it appears the Government are considering cancelling key electrification projects which would green our railways, leaving us stranded with Northern Rail and siphoning investment into the emissions frenzy at an expanded Heathrow, the HS2 White Elephant and the Crossrail 2 vanity project.

"And the worst part is that local MPs are letting Chris Grayling get away with it by supporting these acts of economic and environmental illiteracy. This is just not good enough."

*Article from "The Times"

*Article from "The Telegraph and Argus"

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Euro Election Candidates

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Geraldine Coggins. Trafford Borough Councillor.
Rosie Mills. Lancaster.
Astrid Johnson. Manchester.
Dan Jerrome. Trafford Borough Councillor.
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