Global Greens Gathering in Liverpool

4 April 2017

The 4 days starting 30th March saw what was probably the largest ever gathering of Greens from Britain, Europe and around the World, here in the North West in Liverpool.  

About 90 countries were represented, from all the inhabited continents; around 2,000 people in all.  This was 4 days of fascinating debates, exchanges of experiences and information and passing of resolutions, running in parallel with the Spring conference of the Green Party of England and Wales.  

Global Greens Gathering now take place every 4-5 years.  This was the biggest to date, and the first one in Europe.  The photo below shows the welcoming ceremony as each country was introduced in turn. 

Global Greens  

Lawrence Brown, Liverpool Green City Councillor said "As a fresh-faced co-founder of Liverpool Ecology Party in 1980, I could barely have imagined the day when 2000 Greens from around the world would travel to my home city, to partake in a coming together of the key Green organisations that cover the globe. This is one of the proudest moments of my life." 

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