North West Greens slam fracking decision

6 October 2016

The North West Green Party has responded with dismay at the announcement by the Communities Secretary today that the Government is going to overturn Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject fracking at two sites in Lancashire. Sajid Javid has agreed that Fracking will go ahead at Little Plumpton at Preston New Road, but has put the decision about the Roseacre site on hold - but only until Shale Gas company, Cuadrilla have sorted out the pending traffic problems.

Green Party Lancashire County Councillor, Gina Dowding, said on hearing the news, "This decision is a tragedy, both for democracy and for action on climate change.

"Theresa May has tried to convince us that she respects the democratic process and the will of the people. But if, as she says, 'Brexit means Brexit’, then here in Lancashire, 'No Fracking means No Fracking’.

"The applications to frack were examined over many months, with huge amounts of evidence of the risks to health, the environment, water supplies, as well as the so-called benefits - many of which were dispelled as myths. During that process, Lancashire County Council said no.

“Instead of going all out for shale, the government should be showing strong leadership, matching its fine words with action to promote, support and develop the burgeoning renewables industries, and investing in energy efficiency. Pound for pound, both of these create far more jobs that any investment in the shale gas industry to which the government is offering huge tax breaks."

Gina added: "My heart goes out to those people living close to these two sites, and all the residents who have so professionally campaigned to highlight the dangers of this industry. We will support you all the way. The work for a clean and safe energy sector does not end today."

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