Liverpool Greens' Leader enters Metro Mayor Contest

5 September 2016

The Green Party have selected Cllr Tom Crone, the Group Leader on Liverpool City Council to contest the Metro Mayor contest in the Liverpool City Region. The election, due to be held next May, will give the Greens an opportunity to promote their policies to over a million voters in the LCR.

Tom Crone Metro Mayor


Accepting the nomination, Cllr Crone stated, 'I am honoured to be chosen to represent the Green Party in what will be one of the biggest electoral challenges ever for the party. I will do my best to ensure that all voters in the region are informed of our policies and given the opportunity to make an informed choice next May'.

Setting out his key policies for the campaign, Cllr Crone said, 'My key messages will be focussed on democracy and accountability, greener forms of transport and economy and the environment. I look forward to expanding on these headline issues with more details in the coming weeks and months as the campaign develops'.

And Cllr Crone was quick to dispel any view that the Greens have little chance of winning the ballot, 'I realise that we do not start this contest as favourites but I also know that politics has undergone massive change in this country over the past few months and all of the predictions of pundits and pollsters have been cast into the melting pot. I hope to show that the Greens are an up and coming force to be reckoned with, bringing common sense to the political arena.'

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