North West Greens demand answers over Drigg contamination warning

21 April 2014

The North West Green Party has responded with anger to the news from the Environment Agency that the Drigg repository is virtually certain to contaminate the Cumbrian coast with large amounts of radioactive waste. Greens have consistently opposed the use of nuclear power and have warned of the problems associated with storing nuclear waste.

Lead European election candidate, Peter Cranie, and West Cumbria based European election candidate, Jill Perry, will be writing to the Environment Agency to ask for more information.

Peter Cranie, the North West Green Party’s European Election candidate said:

“This is a betrayal. Cumbrians have been consistently told that the risks were low and that nuclear power would be safe. There is no argument any more – nuclear power was not, is not and will not be safe for Cumbria. Future generations will pay the price for the bad decisions made.”

“There are now some really key questions that will need to be answered. Jill Perry, our Cumbrian European elections candidate, and I will be writing to the Environment Agency for clear answers. We need to know what risks will be posed to human and animal health by high levels of radioactivity. We also need clear and honest answers about whether medium and/or high level waste has ever been dumped at Drigg.”

The Greens have particularly criticised the Liberal Democrats, accusing them of wanting to be anti-nuclear and pro-nuclear at the same time. Jill Perry, who was previously anti-nuclear-dump campaigner with West Cumbria Friends of the Earth, added:

“A lot of people have in the past voted Liberal Democrat because they thought the party opposed nuclear power. However, the Liberal Democrats' current MEP and their party policy supports nuclear power. If Cumbrians like me are outraged and concerned by this internal document, then I urge you to use your vote in May to elect a Green MEP who will oppose further dumping of waste at Drigg.”

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