Green Party Primary Authority Councillors

There are now 17 Green Party councillors elected to Metropolitan Borough, County or District Councils in the North West - listed below (there are also numerous parish / town councillors across the region).  This is up to date as of May 4th 2018.

Liverpool City Council    (click here for more information) 

Cllr Anna Key - St Michaels ward

Cllr  Sarah Jennings - St Michaels ward

Cllr Tom Crone - St Michaels ward

Cllr Lawrence Brown - Greenbank ward


Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council    (click here for more information)

Cllr Pat Cleary - Birkenhead and Tranmere


Lancashire County Council      (click here for more information)

Cllr Gina Dowding  - Lancaster Central


Lancaster City Council       (click here for more information)

Cllr Tim Hamilton-Cox   - Bulk ward

Cllr Caroline Jackson - Bulk ward

Cllr Nick Wilkinson - Castle ward

Cllr Dave Brookes - Castle Ward

Cllr Jon Barry - Marsh ward

Cllr Rebecca Novell - Marsh ward

Cllr Abi Mills - Scotforth West ward


Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council  

Cllr Dan Jerrome - Altrincham ward

Cllr Geraldine Coggins - Alrincham ward


Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Cllr Kai Taylor - Prescot South ward


Burnley District Council

Cllr Andy Fewings - Trinity ward