Pay, Inequality and the Living Wage

What we believe:

  • Everyone deserves a living wage: an absolute minimum of £7.65 an hour.
  • Bosses don't need super-salaries. They should be paid a maximum of ten times the salary of their lowest paid worker. If they want a pay rise for themselves, they should have to give everyone else a pay rise too.
  • Inequality harms us all - we need to share wealth out, so that we all have enough with no one left behind.

What we do:

The UK's first Green Party led council, Brighton and Hove, pay all staff the living wage, including home carers working for contractors. The council's pay multiple - the difference between the highest paid and the average wage - has been reduced to 6.1:1 - see We need progress like this in the north-west too, so MEP candidate Laura Bannister is working with campaign groups in Greater Manchester to write an open letter to the heads of all local councils, to pressurise them to take action on pay inequality. The letter and all responses will be available to see here.

Our MEP in London, Jean Lambert, has written to the heads of the UK's one hundred biggest companies, urging them to pay a living wage. See to read about some of the responses she received, and for an example of how this idea is starting to go mainstream.

The Young Greens have launched a campaign to get fair pay on university campuses, where currently the highest paid earn over 18 times the pay of on-campus catering workers and cleaners. See

In November 2014 we wrote to the leaders of the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities urging them to reduce the pay gap and ensure that all council contract workers are paid the Living Wage - see the letter here