Campaign Update

We need action now to make the North West a better place to live. The Green Party is closely involved in numerous campaigns that aim to improve our economy, our society and our environment. Click on the links below to find out how we’re taking action:

Anti-fracking campaign centred at Preston New Road

The Green Party is opposed to fracking because:

  • The only way to stop catastrophic global warming is to quickly and substantially reduce the amount of energy we use. In particular energy that is derived from the burning of fossil fuels. Fracking to extract shale gas, a new source of fossil fuel, makes no sense. Wherever possible fossil fuels need to remain in the ground if we are to avoid large parts of our planet becoming uninhabitable.
  • Fracking involves pumping large amounts of water, sand and chemicals into the ground under pressure. The chemicals are likely to poison ground water.  This has occured at several fracking sites in the USA.
  • It cannot be guaranteed that there will not be methane gas leakage during large-scale extraction of shale gas. Indeed, in practice it has been shown that high levels of methane are vented in the process. Methane is more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide.
  • All the fracking materials and the waste water need to be moved on and off the fracking site by means of road transport. This will cause a substantial increase in noise and air polution to the surrounding area.

Green Party policy document on fracking.

The Green party and other interested organisations organise Green Mondays at the Preston New Road site.  Recent and future speakers outside the gates at Green Mondays include:

  • Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party (2pm, Wed 29 August).
  • John Sillett, Norfolk against Fracking (10 Sept).
  • Anne Chapman, Director of Morcambe Bay Community Renewables (24 Sept)
  • Terry Sloan, Emeritus Professor at Lancaster University (1 Oct).
  • Clara Paillard, President of the Public & Commercial Services Union's Culture Sector Campaigns Group (8 Oct).
  • Tim Dawes, Green Party campaigner from Balcombe, Hampshire (15 Oct).
  • David Abrahams, Lawyer from Friends of the Earth (22 October).
  • Helen Chunsto & Bob Dennett, Instigators of injunction against Cuadrilla's fracking plans (29 October).
  • Tim Thornton, Retired GP on health impacts of fracking (5 November).
  • Natalie Bennett, Former Leader of the Green Party (12 November).
  • Marianne Birkby, Founder of Radiation Free Lakeland (26 November).
  • Steve Masters, Green Party PPC for Newbury (3 December).
  • Jamie Peters  & Helen Rimmer, Friends of the Earth (10 December).
  • Sue Hampton, Author and activist (17 December).

Speeches commence at different times each week, but usually around 12:30pm. Parking at Maple Farm Nursery, PR4 3PE or the back car park of The World of Water. If using the latter let someone in Ma Baker's Cafe know.




Our campaigns reflect what we stand for. For more detail on our policies, all of which are written by ordinary members and agreed democratically, see our policy page or the policy section of our national website for summaries.